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“The highest quality of training”

“I-Secure (NW) Limited is an organisation delivering the highest quality of training and customer service.”

Mark Dawes - Owner and National Coach, National Federation of Personal Safety

Everybody, and I mean everybody, was an absolute pleasure

“I am writing to congratulate you and your team on the way that we were looked after throughout the event. From the first enquiry through to herding out the stragglers at the end of the evening, we were looked after in a most professional yet friendly manner. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone that we dealt with, and their approach to customer service spoke volumes for whoever did the training for your team.

Please trust me that this is not praise earned from an easy-to-please customer. Andrea and I run our own business and have high standards of service and product, and, sadly, it is a rare occasion when other businesses or services that we use do not leave us a little deflated because, in one way or another, they let themselves down. On top of that, we have experienced the hospitality that was available in the old stadium and that could have been better, to say the least.

Not so at the new stadium with its new staff. Not only were we pleased, we are absolutely delighted with every aspect of our experience at the new stadium. I won't mention any names because everybody, and I mean everybody, was an absolute pleasure, and I would ask you to thank every one of them for us. If I have to highlight anything that made the biggest impression, it would have to be the buffet and the security staff. The buffet because it was a sight for sore eyes and will be remembered by everyone for some time to come. The security staff because, rather than being the 'muscle' who were there for legal requirements and would 'sort out' any problems, your staff were gentlemen who reassured us that if any of our guests overstepped the mark in any way, they would help us and deal with the problem discretely.

They indeed were good to their word, because I believe that they looked after one of our guests who had had too much to drink. He wasn't causing a problem and had left the premises at the end of the evening, but was definitely the worse for wear. Security saw the problem and called for an ambulance for him. Now that is what I call service. Fantastic!

Once again, on our behalf, please thank everyone involved and do not hesitate to use us as a reference should you need to.

Kind regards and very happy memories.”

Mr and Mrs Cryan

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